Manager In Warehouse Checking Boxes

Warehouse Storage for Business

Just starting a new business and have nowhere to store your stock? Been in business for a while and now expanding rapidly? We can help with storage options for all kinds of stock and equipment needs. Why not use our storage rooms as an extension to your existing warehouse?

If you need additional storage space but you’re reluctant to commit to a long-term lease or to buy a building, let us help. Whether you are relocating, expanding or downsizing, we offer individual flexible storage spaces for long or short terms inclusive of all rents, rates, service charges and security.


Business Documents Storage

Business Document Storage

If you’re snowed under with paperwork and files, why not use our space for your storage?

It’s all too easy to get swamped by paperwork and files. On the one hand, you may be legally required to keep them for a certain time, but conversely, you don’t need to look at them every day.

Perhaps you’re relocating, expanding or downsizing – or just looking to turn the archive cupboard into an extra sales office.

So what do you do with your important files and documents?